GKB Social Critic

What is it?
GKB (Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh) Social Critic is an exciting program dedicated to preserving, perpetuating, and recognizing responsible food blogging across social media platforms.

At Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh, ‘kitchen hygiene’ is definitely the top priority for us. However, we give almost equal weight to the importance of developing a feedback system surrounding the quality of our food and the creativity of our packaging. Hence, we have developed an internal program called the ‘GKB Feedback Loop’ which builds the foundation of our continuous product development/product improvement.

The members of the program, honorably referred to as GKB Social Critics, are expected to provide us with favorable and, more importantly, unfavorable opinions about the foods that we prepare at our kitchens. Their transparent feedback will help us to develop dishes that will meet and exceed the expectations of our customers throughout the country. Our feedback system is a continuous process as we recognize the fact that customer needs are continually changing. Sometimes it’s difficult to find faults within our own work when we are working too hard on it — hence, we need criticism to improvise with everything. GKB Social Critic follows a fairly simple process as shown below.


The process of joining the program is fairly simple. Interested bloggers are invited to complete the form below to express their interest in joining.


After selection by our management, each GKB Social Critic will be on-boarded on our system, and on a regular basis, they will receive food from us for tasting.


After tasting the food that we will deliver, each GKB Social Critic will be required to fill a detailed Feedback Form which will be provided in advance.

Why you should join?

If you are into food-blogging, this is your chance to take it to the next level.  This program is an opportunity for amateur food bloggers to showcase their talent in writing, and their broad knowledge of food and creativity to the whole world.

Benefit 1


Membership certificates are issued to all members of the program which will act as a record of membership, and can be used by the members for their personal branding on social media platforms.

Benefit 2

Social Critic Conference

Every year, Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh will organize a yearly conference consisting of celebrities, media personalities, and culinary experts, where all active members will have complimentary access.

Benefit 3

Ghost Food Journal

Every year, a journal will be published consisting of the best and most popular reviews from the members of the program and will be launched at the yearly Social Critic Conference.

Benefit 4

Blogging Platform

Members will get exclusive access as an Author of an international food-blogging site which will store all the reviews of the members. Each member will have their own blogging profile too.

Benefit 5


Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh and its food brands will repost all the publicly posted reviews from the members which will help members to increase their exposure and gain popularity.

Benefit 6


Having a positive and favorable online reputation is vital for any blogger or reviewer. A partnership with the most advanced food technology company in the country will only elevate that reputation.


Are you ready?

At this point, you must have realized that what we are going to do now has never been done before in this country. What we hope to achieve has never been thought of before. So become a part of this revolution; become a part of a massive transformation that will definitely change the food sector for good. Every part of your feedback will be reflected in what we do for our consumers, for our people.


Since you have made it this far, there is no going back. We are delighted to know that you are planning to join this program. Please proceed forward and complete the form below. Our wonderful team members will get in touch with you the moment you hit the submit button.

    In Talks with Tahmid Zaman, Co-Founder
    What are your ambitions for Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh?

    At Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh, we definitely aim to raise the standard when it comes to kitchen hygiene and creativity in food. Specially in this country’s fast food delivery sector, consumers are kept totally in dark, hence they have no clue in which conditions their food is prepared. We are here to fix that. Our state-of-the-art kitchens will definitely inspire other players in the market to change their mindset and approach.

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    After completing his post-graduation from the prestigious Imperial College London in 2015, he has devoted his time and effort in the development of various technology-focused businesses in Bangladesh.

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