Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh Limited

About Us
Our new concern, Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh Limited (GKB), in partnership with food-delivery logistics partners, operates multiple virtual kitchens around Bangladesh catering to numerous food brands.
Our Priorities

We want our priorities to define who we are as a company. We want all our key stakeholders to believe that we exist to do something wonderful. And the success that we dream to achieve will only come if we execute our tasks according to these priorities.

Priority 1

Hygienic Kitchen

It is our top priority to establish a firm set of personal hygiene rules for all staff within our kitchens. We also take adequate measures to maintain a proper ventilation system for the well being of our kitchen staffs. We would never risk our long term growth targets by showing negligence towards the vital hygiene factor.

Priority 2

Rapid Delivery

We give utmost importance to speed, and optimize the order preparation and packaging time to ensure that the ordered food leave our kitchen in a flash. Analytical reports from GKB KitchOS platform help us to optimize the overall time taken from accepting the order to finally delivering it to the customers.

Priority 3

Uniform Taste

We are a strong believer of the fact that consistency is key, because with consistency comes dependability, and with dependability comes customer loyalty. We use a centralized distribution network that delivers ingredients to each kitchens, where every kitchen gets the same exact products. Even the utensils are exactly same.

Our Brands

The key element of our brand development process is market research. Over the years, we have learned the necessity of market research in the worst possible ways – seeing numerous failed ventures. This time, we will only make most of the insight we have regarding the taste and wants of the consumer groups. We will cook and deliver delicious foods that our consumer groups are desiring for. Having said so, we will leave our R&D team to figure out some unspoken needs too.

Burger and Fries

Friggy’s offers a simple fast-food menu utilizing the mindful procurement of ingredients that appeal to burger-lovers of the town.

Pizza and Pasta

Party Pizza aims to become the most favorite place to order pizza, pasta, wings and so much more for fast and delicious delivery.


Wrappo gives you that ‘quick’ solution whenever you need to grab a bite. Happily bring easy and quick deliciousness into your life.

Support Us

Given our ambitious target regarding the number of kitchens we want to open in the coming months, we need support from landlords around Dhaka to share commercial spaces with us for rent. We will be thankful to anyone who can refer us a suitable location with at least 500 to 750 sq. ft. of free space.

We are looking for commercial places to rent for building our kitchens.
Ready to Rent your Space?

Our Dream

At Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh, I want to replicate the same growth strategy that did wonders for us at Best Electronics. In just 5 years, we achieved phenomenal 6X growth rate, and became the fastest growing electronics retail brand of the nation. Here, we want to become the fastest growing as well as the biggest multi-kitchen platform of Bangladesh, and beyond.

– Syed Tahmid Zaman Rashik
Co-Founder, Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh and TRI Digital

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