Why do we exist?
We are here to create meaningful connections between people and brands using content, social and web.

At TRI Digital, we provide our clients with a full range of integrated tools and services across multidimensional platforms which will allow them to create a better relationship with their stakeholders.


With a greater emphasis on video, we create valuable content that inspires trust and brand loyalty more than anything.


With both Organic and Paid Social, we utilize our end-to-end knowledge to achieve social media marketing objectives.


We create contemporary, stylish websites with an emphasis on function, usability and the ability to function well to deliver results.

Syed Tahmid Zaman Rashik
Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands.
We are committed to our customers’ success from start to finish. Our input helps make their solutions.

AT TRI Digital, we have developed together with our customers and gained the right expertise to assist you to succeed in the constantly-changing market, technology, and digital arena. TRI Digital will engage wholly with your in-house team, communicating regularly, sharing achievements and working side-by-side to improve the overall performance of your business. Let’s open a WhatsApp or Viber group and get things started – as simple as that.

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What makes us different?

Given the current scenario in the market where everyday we see a new digital marketing agency popping out, we clearly thought about this one thing – what makes us better than the others? We came up with the following.

Limited Clients

We keep our clientele list very limited so that we can fully focus on delivering more customers, growing revenue and future-proofing the business of our existing clients.

Highly Experienced

Our roots in social, content and web, along with diverse background and deep experience of 15 years in the field of marketing, combine to give you all the skills you need to flourish.


We are proud to have a team of knowledgeable and certified digital marketers in the team who have passed all the necessary certifications that proves our theoretical knowledge.


We are not frightened by the size of the projects that we get. In fact, we prefer working on large-scale campaigns, yet we don’t poke our clients everyday to clear the due bills.

We only provide those services which we believe will actually contribute towards the business growth of our clients.
Digital Strategy

We have large appetites for pushing the boundaries of what is possible to achieve online. We have been around long enough to know it’s not all about impressions and clicks. It’s about assessing your core business objectives and using relevant data to create insights that translate into actionable consumer behaviour and drives profitable business results.

Display & Search Advertising

As one of the most powerful vehicles for generating brand and product awareness online, we’d be stupid not to be in bed with display or video advertising. Furthermore, our search marketing team will drive relevant traffic to you, helping your potential customers navigate through the maze of online clutter with strategic ad campaigns to achieve your marketing goals.

Website Design

Whether it is a fully-re-designed or enhanced website, eCommerce platform or content management solutions, we are able to develop to perform the tasks. We prides ourselves on supplying visually stunning custom web page design that helps your business work better, clean web design that keeps your visitors happy.

Search Engine Optimisation

We create content assets that perform in today’s competitive landscape. With us you will have a dedicated SEO team consistently bringing you more organic traffic & leads.

Social Media Advertising

We offer ad strategy creation, detailed split testing on ad copy, use of creative, targeting information, and funnel automation to make sure you’re consistently profitable.

Video Content Creation

Production services provided by TRI Digital comprise of everything from creative scripting, to production, editing, sound design, animation, CGI and color grading.

Web Development
Website Best Practices

Tim Berners-Lee created the world’s first web browser in 1990, the World Wide Web, although it was given the name Nexus later on. Only text could be displayed on a web page back then, just basic text, links underscored in blue, without intricate fonts, pictures/videos.

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Brand Development
Branding vs Direct Response

With the expansion of Internet and online trade, it has become harder for businesses to figure out the level of emphasis they should place on branding and direct response. Direct response advertising and branding have separate styles of promotion.

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