What is Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh?

What is Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh
Ghost Kitchen Bangladesh Limited (GKB) is a new concern of TRI Digital, legally registered as a business entity in Bangladesh in the month of July, 2020. In partnership with food-delivery logistics partners, we operate multiple virtual kitchens around Bangladesh catering to numerous local and foreign food brands.

For the last two years, I have been planning to launch a virtual cloud kitchen after seeing the continuous growth in food takeaway/delivery business. Even during my time in the UK, I rarely visited fast-food restaurants like Domino’s Pizza, even though I used to eat their pizzas every fortnight. Because of the convenience and ease of ordering through their website, I would always eat pizzas while being in the comfort of my home. Although there was a huge opportunity in the cloud kitchen space in Bangladesh, I did not have the right resources then to start this project. After moving to Bangladesh, I was personally going through extensive pressure due to my commitment towards Best Electronics where I have worked for four years as the Co-Founder and Marketing Director. During my tenure at Best, we have seen phenomenal growth in a very short time. In a matter of just 4 to 5 years, we took our retail network to the next level, covering almost 80% of all districts in the country.

And then 2019 happened, and I left Best Electronics to start my very own marketing agency with a wonderful group of talented people. So far, we have had a fantastic business year and from here on, we are only hoping to continue our remarkable revenue growth, Insha’Allah.


One fine night, I just felt that we, as a team, can do way more than what we were doing at that point in time. And at that very moment, I felt we should start working on the cloud kitchen business which I was hoping to start one day. The next day, quite interestingly, I shared a business plan with our board and very smoothly we managed to secure additional investment to get things started. Once I had the confirmation from the board, we started digging into this so much that now we have excellent insight into the cloud kitchen industry, not only in Bangladesh, but also in India, Canada, and more. While carrying out our comprehensive market research, we quickly realized that the traditional cloud kitchen model might not actually work at this point if we just focus on one single brand. We thought of doing this in a much bigger way.

To get an idea about this whole concept, we don’t need to go very far. If we look into companies like Rebel Food (Faasos) in India, we can see how they are actually doing a wonderful job with this cloud kitchen business model. Definitely, there are multiple models within the cloud kitchen space. We felt at this point, in Bangladesh, we need to launch at least 3 distinct and unique brands to ensure optimum efficiency at our kitchens. And hence, here we have: Friggys, Party Pizza and Wrappo.

Burger and Fries

Friggy’s offers a simple fast-food menu utilizing the mindful procurement of ingredients that appeal to burger-lovers of the town.

Pizza and Pasta

Party Pizza aims to become the most favorite place to order pizza, pasta, wings and so much more for fast and delicious food delivery.


Wrappo gives you that ‘quick’ solution whenever you need to grab a bite. Happily bring easy and quick deliciousness into your life.

The Start.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, our team continuously moved around the city to find suitable commercial spaces where we can build our kitchens. With the help of our Honourable Chairman, Mr. Chowdhury Munir Uddin Mahfuz, we managed to secure our first kitchen at Tejgaon where we have built a state-of-the-art facility which will run as our R&D Centre and Master Kitchen. All the kitchen staff, whom we will hire over the course of the next few months, will start their journey at this kitchen for their initial training and orientation.

Our pursuit in search of more commercial kitchens is being continued, and as of 07 July, 2020 we are very close to securing two more kitchens at Panthapath and Mogbazar respectively. Furthermore, we have a realistic plan of setting up more kitchens in Dhanmondi or Zigatola, Mohammadpur or Adabor, Mirpur, Badda, Bashundhara, and Uttara, by the end of 2020.

Going Forward.

As we move forward and start our journey, we want our priorities to define who we are as a company. We want all our key stakeholders to believe that we exist to do something wonderful. And the success that we dream to achieve will only come if we execute our tasks according to these priorities.

Priority 1

Hygienic Kitchen

It is our top priority to establish a firm set of personal hygiene rules for all staff within our kitchens. We also take adequate measures to maintain a proper ventilation system for the well-being of our kitchen staffs. We would never risk our long term growth targets by showing negligence towards the vital hygiene factor.

Priority 2

Rapid Delivery

We give utmost importance to speed, and optimize the order preparation and packaging time to ensure that the ordered food leaves our kitchen in a flash. Analytical reports from GKB KitchOS platform help us to optimize the overall time taken from accepting the order to finally delivering it to the customers.

Priority 3

Uniform Taste

We are a strong believer of the fact that consistency is key, because with consistency comes dependability, and with dependability comes customer loyalty. We use a centralized distribution network that delivers ingredients to all kitchens, where every kitchen gets the exact same products. Even the utensils are exactly same.

Tahmid Zaman

With a First Class Honours Degree from Newcastle University, and a First Class Master’s Degree from the prestigious Imperial College London in the UK, Tahmid specializes in digital marketing, yet possesses an exceptional amount of knowledge and experience in business management. As a Lecturer of Digital Marketing, Tahmid has focused all his attention into helping ambitious students to build a solid career in the field of Digital Marketing. At TRI Digital, he is responsible for planning, developing, implementing and managing the overall digital marketing strategy of our clients.

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